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Let Everyone hear your TRACK


We all know what enhances movies and tv shows. It’s the background music. That’s why most people carry an mp3 player wherever they go - to have their own background music. That’s fine but if you really want the “movie” experience, everyone should hear the same background music.

The solution? The Personal Soundtrack Shirt. This shirt has a speaker embedded at the front and comes with a remote for easy selection of music. Aside from the included sounds, you can change the default sounds or plug in your audio player for a bigger selection of music. You can also just pop in your SD card if you don’t feel like carrying your mp3 player.

Play Music from Your iPod or other Portable Audio Player
The Personal Soundtrack Shirt can also play sound from your portable audio player through the speaker on the front of the shirt. Simply connect your portable audio player to the audio "input" jack on the battery box of the shirt and power it on (you will need a male-to-male headphone cable, not included). The Soundtrack Shirt amplifies your music and you can use the volume control on your portable audio player to control the volume level of the shirt.

April Fool's Joke Turned Real
Yep. This unusual shirt was originally a joke product for April Fool's day. But after your overwhelming positive response and hundreds of e-mails screaming to "make the damn shirt already" we went ahead and made the damn shirt... please enjoy.

Product Features

  • Personal Soundtrack Shirt features a working speaker on the front and can play background music and sound effects at your command
  • Pocket remote features 20 buttons and allows easy selection of 10 music themes and 10 different sound effects
  • Easily load your own sound effects and music onto the Personal Soundtrack Shirt using standard MP3 files
  • Play your iPod or other portable audio player through the speaker on the front of the shirt
  • Perfect for making your ordinary life more exciting
  • Requires 4 AAA batteries. Not included

Included Musical Themes
Royal Entrance
Sexy Time Theme
Disco Floor
Silent Movie Chase Theme
True Love
Scary Movie
Spy Mission
Super Hero Rescue
Western Showdown
Game Show

Included Sound Effects
Drum Roll
Cat Call Whistle
Laugh Track
"Wrong Answer" Buzzer
Rim Shot
Metal Air Guitar
Police Siren

Washing Instructions

  • Unplug battery pack with remote from cable and remove.
  • Peel Velcro-backed speaker from shirt, unplug cable and remove.
  • The cable can be left inside the shirt.
  • Hand Wash or machine wash cold on gentle cycle
  • Hang dry or tumble dry low


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