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Nokia N95 Problems, Repairs and Fixes

If you have found some useful fix's let me know and we can use this space to help others. Opening up your phone will invalidate your warranty and any repairs are done at your own risk if you are unsure i recommend just take it to a Nokia repair centre!

Opening up your Phone will invalidate your warranty!

Nokia Device Status is an application that can monitor your system (phone and pc) and allows you to send this data to nokia to help with any problems you may have. download.

1. N95 Screen Ribbon Problem
Many people have had problems with their N95 screen, which can invert in colour, appear upside down, the colors can also appear distorted with high pinks greens and finally a multi coloured noise speckle.
The N95 screen is attached to the phone by a Ribbon, on my phone i had to replace the whole screen (with ribbon) but for some people reconnecting the ribbon maybe all that is needed.

Examples of this problem: N95User Allsym. NokiaEurope

My Tips for removing Slider cover
I tried to reset the ribbon but found that it didn't entirely cure my problem , So i took it to a Nokia repair centre who did it free of charge. But in the process i found some useful tips for removing N95 covers.

A) The Four Screws are located on the underside of the top slider. you will need a Torx6 screwdriver to remove them.(Image 1)
B) To remove the Top Slider cover it helps to gently push one edge inwards as you lift the cover off then push then do the same to the other side. (Image 2)
C) To lift the Button Panel put a small screwdriver in the top righthand corner and pull back.(Image )

D) The ribbon is the gold like coloured strip and is connected by a Clip which lifts up from the bottom, as Spyda says the clip will move 180 degrees.
E) Now the screen can be removed and replaced or reset.

2. Micro SD Memory Card, Fix Errors and Defragment to improve Read Time.
Quite a few people have contacted me regarding problems with the SD memory cards. They have been getting error messages on the phone or the phone just crashes and restarts.
So have written this tutorial to help people with some of the basics for keeping their External memory cards in good shape.

2GB, 4GB or 8GB??
The N95 classic come with a 512MB and occasionally 1GB micro SD memory card. Nokia only recommend upto 4GB for the N95 and 2GB for the N95-NAM. You can buy cards upto 8GB , i have had a 4GB sandisk card from the start in my N95 and i have never had any problems with it, even though at that time Nokia only recommended 2GB for N95.

8GB Problems
Some people with 8Gb card have noticed Error Problems once the card is over 4Gb full, especially with older firmware pre v.20. If you are having this problem i would suggest updating your firmware the v.20 or above (soon to come). Otherwise it would be worth reducing the data to below 4gb's and see if any problems subside.

Micro SD Card Error checking and Defragment tutorial
If you have been getting Error Messages or Crashes whilst using your Music player or Gallery it is possible that there is something wrong with your memory card. In many cases a good "tidy up" will resolve smaller issues and improve read speed from the phone to the card.

I will show you how to check for Errors and defragmrnt using the data cable which comes with the phone although if you have a memory card reader you could take the card out of your phone and connect it via a smart card reader.

1. Install the Nokia PC suite (this will include the necessary drivers for the data cable) from the nokia website or from your cd that you got with your phone.

Connect your phone to a PC via the USB cable and Select Data Transfer on the phone's pop-up screen. A warning message will appear after, but there's no need to be concerned.

3. Now Navigate on your PC to My Computer (XP & 2000) or Computer (Vista), There you should see your Memory Card. It will probably be called SD card with the size shown.

Now right-click on the icon and select Properties, In the new tab select Tools, then under the section Error-Checking select the button Check Now. In the new dialogue box tick both the boxes, then press start as shown in the screenshots below.

4. The Error checking will take some time depending on the size of your card and your PC but it should be completed within 5 minutes. A dialog box will appear with some basic results. It may have recovered some lost data which used to happen on my old MP3 player fairly often.

Now you can proceed to the defragment, To complete a defragment the computer need 15% of free space on your card, so if your card doesn't have that much space i would copy some of the data, video s etc to the PC's hard drive then continue with the drefagment.

5. Now Right click on the SD card in My Computer again Select Properties then under Tools select Defragment Now from the Defragmentation section.

With XP the defrag application will start, select the SD card and select Defrag. A Display and Process bar will show you how fragmented your card is, and it will probably be very fragmented.
With Vista there is no process bar or display which means you are left wondering how long it will take or even if it is working. It took my PC around 15 minutes to defrag my card so be patient. I have Diskeeper Defrag application on my PC which gives better info on the process, and below are the before and after screenshots with analysis.

6. Once the defrag is complete close any exit windows and safely disconnect you phone from the PC. Now your Phone will be able to read the data from the memory card quicker even if you may not be able to see any difference and you will know that if your card could speak to you it would say: THANK YOU!!

3. N95 High Pitch Noise Fix

Well after looking through forum and forum. I realize that the high pitch noise is very common among n95 users and many have send back a few times and still have to same high pitch noise unfix. so instead of sending mine I decited to find out what the problem is myself and found out that it was the screen that is making noise when ever the light turn on (try putting your ear to the back on the screen when you open it, that is where the high pitch come from). So here is what i've done to get rid of the noise. more. . .

4. Fix loose slider:

Basically this modification consists of compressing the nylon grooved slider-rail by a fraction, which is all that's needed in even the loosest slider.

The nylon moulding with the groove that locates the sliding rail of the top screen is held in place by a metal bracket on each side of the phone. The following instructions detail how to access this bracket, remove it, modify it and replace it. more . . .
or another basic way here (In Italian)

5. Microphone not working during a call? Original Source:

Saw this and thought it might be useful.
I’ve seen a few people post on forums to say their microphone appears to be dead when making a call.
A temporary fix until new firmware is released is to turn on the loudspeaker and then switch back
to microphone mode.

This seems to give the phone the kick it needs to get the mic functional.
Currently the problem seems to be isolated to the firmware.

6. Contact name not showing when your phone rings? Original Source:

There is a simple fix to this particular problem.
On the Nokia N95 (and other Nokia’s) when you have an identical contact in phone memory and also on the SIM card the phone isn’t able to successfully display the contact name when the phone rings.
Delete one of the contacts and you should get the display name back.

7. Unable to play MP3’s or any music files Original Source:

Some people have reported problems with a corrupted music folder that wont play sounds/music files. There is a solution and it involves tracking down the \Private\100012a5 on the memory card. The file causing all the problems is named something like DBS_101FE031_mcv7.mpd

The simple solution here is to delete the entire \Private\100012a5 folder. You could try just deleting the offending index file, but no guarantee’s as to how that will work.
After you have deleted/removed, be sure to go into music player and refresh your music selection so it can rebuild the index.

8. TV Out - Picture won’t display correctly Original Source:

If you have a problem with your TV picture out not working properly (rolling or in black and white) on your N95, try this.

- Settings
- General
- Enhancement
- TV out

Try changing TV System from PAL -> NTSC and vice versa.
You should be rewarded with a more stable picture.

9. Multimedia key not working Original Source:

If the multimedia key on your N95 has stopped working, you can fix it by doing a simple restart of the phone. Failing this, a hard reset should definitely do the trick.

One reason for this happening is a bug in the clock application, specifically with the recurring alarm. If you set a recurring alarm, once it has activated, the key will no longer be working.
There is also speculation that using photographs taken by the user with the N95 as the background in the multimedia menu, then deleting them, also triggers the bug, but this is yet to be proven.

10. N95 Audio Hiss Fix Original Source:

I've been chatting to some people who have been having hissing issues through their headset when using their N95’s. I was confused as A LOT of people complained of this, yet my phone didn't seem to have the problem.

After some thinking, a light bulb went off in my head and I realised that I had turned Keypad tones off, as I dont like my phone to beep each time I touch it. Sure enough, when I turned my keypad tones to any level above OFF, the phone would hiss in my ears.

So just a heads up, that this MAY be a fix for the hissing coming from peoples phones. Turn your keypad tones off!

11. #HotKey Fix with Firmware ver.12
The #key on most Symbian 60 Phones would switch the phone between the General and Silent modes when held down. Many N95 users found that their phone #key didn't work in this way including mine.
There was a lot of talk about different manufacturing locations being the reason which were later disproved, but i am glad to see that with the Firmware version12 this feature is now working on my phone.


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