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Pen As Color Scanner


Scan Anything, Anywhere, with this super-portable hand-held scanner

We love watching those old cold-war era spy movies! Oh, the gadgets those super-agents carried with them made us drool with envy. Pens that explode! Watches that fire steel-cutting lasers! Belt-buckle-mounted winches! It's like being Batman, except shaken, not stirred.

One of those spy-gizmos that never seemed to make sense to us was the chewing-gum size camera capable of snapping pictures of the enemy plans in any lighting condition and were somehow able to withstand the rigors from the crushing deep-sea depths and its angry mutant sea-bass to the vacuum of space with giant space-lasers. Bloody unlikely. Nothing short of a flatbed-scanner would be able to get accurate representations of these plans. Firmly entrenched in our techie-dismissals, we found it difficult to enjoy the rest of the movie.

That was until the day we saw the DocuPen! 9 inches wide and as big around as your finger, our double-oh-something could drag its shiny reader surface lightly across any surface, scanning in its contents in 24 bit color up to 400 dpi. With its ability to accept micro-SD card expansion, you could scan up to 100 pages before you had to take your scanner back and dock it with your computer for retrieval.

Now our super-spy is using gadgets that are spectacular and believable at the same time. Now, if only they can finish building our remote-controlled BMW Z8 with the optional cloaking device and missile launcher, we'll be set!


  • Rechargeable portable scanner
  • No computer needed to scan! All images saved locally on the scanner
  • 8MB onboard, expandable with microSD cards up to 2GB of onboard storage
  • Up to 24 bit color and 400 dpi
  • Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Mac OS X
  • Connects and charges to your computer via USB
  • Unreal battery life. You're likely to run out of memory before you'll ever need a recharge.
Source: http://thinkgeek.com/computing/accessories/aa54/


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