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Top 5 comparison between NOKIA N85 and N96

The Nokia N85 was announced this morning and I’m surprised how this newcomer is forcing itself into the Nokia N96’s territory. The N96 is supposed to be the upgrade to the Nokia N95, according to product managers I spoke to, but it seems the lower-priced Nokia N85 is actually bringing more to the table. Read on for the top 5 reasons why the Nokia N85 is better than the Nokia N96.

#1 Power

The Nokia N85 comes with bigger battery with 1200 mAh vs 950 mAh on the Nokia N96. Take a look at these comparisons:

Talk time

  • Nokia N85: 6.9 hours on GSM, 4.5 hours on WCDMA, 9 hours VoIP
  • Nokia N96: 3.8 hours on GSM, 2.7 hours on WCDMA, (no VoIP on N96)


  • Nokia N85: GSM 363 hours, WCDMA 363 hours
  • Nokia N96: GSM 230 hrs, WCDMA 200 hours

#2 MicroUSB Charging

Reduce clutter with one less cable. The Nokia N85 can now be charged though the microUSB port simultaneously while doing data transfer. This is the first for Nseries phones, and a missing feature in the Nokia N96.

#3 FM Transmitter

The Nokia N85 has a built-in FM transmitter that will let us listen to the music from our phone directly on a radio. This feature was introduced in the Nokia N78 but is missing on the Nokia N96.

#4 Lens Cover

Readers told me they want the lens cover on their cameraphones. The camera on the Nokia N85 is protected, but not the Nokia N96.

Nokia n85 Lens Cover
Lens cover on the back of the Nokia N85

#5 Screen

The Nokia N85 has new screen technology called AM OLED. You can read All About Symbian’s detailed explanation about AM OLED, but it basically means brighter, better colour gamut (numbers of colours that can be accurately displayed at same time), better contrast ratio, have a better response time, have better viewing angles and use less power than current Nseries devices including the Nokia N96

What do you think?

What do you think about the Nokia N85 vs N96 battle? Which one will win your wallet over and why?


The Nokia N95 launched in the UK as well as in Asia. The North American version has not launched yet, but it will be just a matter of time.


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