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New Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and Apple iPhone Comparison

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1) Design: Looks has been one of the strong point for Apple. Right from the Macs to the iPod and lately the iPhone. Apple products are a style statement. Nokia 5800 looks good, but it lacks that killer iPhone looks. This one surely goes to Apple. However the plastic body Nokia makes the 5800 lighter than the iPhone. Also we are sure that the iPhone is much more delicate than the Nokia 5800.

2) Camera:
Nokia 5800 wins this round. It is provided with a 3.2Mpix camera with Carl Zeiss Optics and dual flash. The iPhone on the other hand mounts a basic 2Mpix camera, without flash. Though the iPhone camera gives good enough results, the Nokia beats the iPhone easily. Oops.. and did i forgot Video Recording ?? Nokia has it, iPhone doesn’t!

3) Screen and Touch: Touch functionality of the iPhone is UNIQUE. Both the 5800 and the iPhone offer a accelerometer but the Nokia still relies on offers the Stylus! This according to them will offer handwriting recognition similar to the palm computers and appeals better to global audience (specially in Asia). The new Nokia also has a plectrum. The iPhone screen is a little bigger at 3.5″ compared to Nokia’s 3.2″. In these case both of them having both advantages and disadvantages alternatively.

4) Music: Apple has a huge advantage in their established iTunes website. iPod fans love the iPhone for the iTunes! But there is more, Nokia now has its own music download service and when you buy your Nokia 5800 you will get free music for a year, which of course is very generous and that competes with iTunes. Although it seems like Nokia is working very hard in this area with their music shop and the increased battery hours while listening to music. Both devices offer a 3.5mm headset jack.

5) The display: The Nokia 5800 has a smaller display than the iPhone, 3.2 inch against the 3.5 inch for the iPhone. However the resolution is better on the Nokia 5800 with 640*360 pixels against 480*320 pixels for the iPhone.

6) Features:
Apple is restrictive and the iPhone is not all that open. Standard functions like Copy and Paste, Sms Forwarding etc are still missing. You can delete a single SMS and getting those 3rd part apps is a pain! Nokia offers a mass storage mode and has a Mini USB connectivity, symbian has loads of softwares already, its a Nokia - so all the basics are right! Its made for the masses. Although Nokia lacks a few things that the iPhone has, for example it doesn’t support multi touch which many people like about the iPhone. Also Nokia 5800 has AD2P Bluetooth support and matches the iPhone with WiFi and GPS. Nokia claims much better battery life, and we believe thats a fact.
7) Memory: iPhone comes in 8GB and 16GB version. While the 5800 comes with a 8GB MicroSDHC card free, you can add a 16GB as well. Nokia has a 81MB internal memory (and not to forget the Usb Mass Storage mode it offers).

8) Pricing: The Nokia is CHEAPER!! It sells unlocked phones and gives no trouble. Apple iPhone sells for approx 800-900$ unlocked, and the contract with AT&T is too expensive. Globally the Nokia 5800 will reach you much easily, open, unlocked and would be cheaper at below $400. Sure we don’t know how apple will react. Maybe they will lower their prices as well. But for now it’s a big advantage for Nokia.


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